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My job as a Buyer’s Agent in St. Charles, IL, is to provide you with superior knowledge and information, so that you can make the BEST decision after weighting all the facts. As YOUR real estate professional, I will provide you with the following expertise:

  • Help you discover different areas and subdivisions – Obtain covenants regarding fencing, school test score websites, and determine Special Service Areas (SSA’S) which are added to your tax bill.
  • Help you compare properties - Compare real estate taxes on each property, square footage, and features to make sure you get the current up-to-date statistics on each one.
  • Help you determine the “value” of the properties you are interested in – Do a Comparative Market Analysis of the subdivision or comparable homes in the area.
  • Help you obtain a mortgage broker, an attorney, a home inspector, a radon inspector, a termite inspector, a mold inspector (if necessary), and any other specialists required (heating, electric, structural, plumbing, or foundation injection). These specialists may be needed to determine the problems found during the inspection, and obtain an estimate to aid you in the decision making process.
  • Help you to speak with a CPA to determine what the best course of action is in regard to your tax structure and the purchase of this property.
  • Help you with the details of moving – the  numbers to change your utilities, do the final walk thorough on your property, and go to the closing to make sure all goes smoothly.

Please partner with me to achieve the best possible results in your home buying purchase…I love my job and enjoy helping people realize the highest potential in the real estate arena…I have had continued success without becoming TOO big to care about your needs…I personally, with the help of my partner and son, Eric, tend to all your concerns, questions, and details that make the PERFECT transaction—beginning to end…Looking forward to working with you!

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